How to Wear a Vintage Scarf

I can never resist a great vintage scarf, and for good reason!

There are a litany of reasons why everyone needs a couple of fantastic vintage scarves lying about. Here are just a few ways to bump up your scarf wearing summertime inspiration.

On those days you just cannot make anything work with your hair, what do you need?? A good vintage scarf of course!

You can do the total triangle pulled back and tied under your hair line ( as exemplified by Ms. Sophia Loren in the green & pink above.

Try a Turban inspired look or a strike a pirate note with lengthy scarf pulled over and tied at the bottom side, as Miss Lindsey there posing as Liz Taylor in the zebra B&W.

Liz shows the hairband pull back, using the scarf to tame unruly bangs out of the face, simultaneously adding a pop of color and texture to a simple ensemble.

Scarves can be tied to beach bags for post ocean hair do's.

Be careful not to combine silky scarves with oily sunscreens !!

What's your favorite way to wear a summer scarf?  Please share your ideas in the comments with all the other Violet's! 







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