What is a Violet Femme? 


Violet Femmes are like Wild Violets


They are The first to courageously come through the snow heralding the hope of spring


violets have complex underground systems and innovative propigation systems that allows them to spread and survive

they also have a waxy coating that makes them resistant to herbicides and toxic sprays

violets have been around since at least 500 B.C. they were so beloved by the ancient Greeks that they were chosen as the symbol of Athens

Complex, Useful, & Nourishing

violets are multi-faceted plants with a wide array of culinary, medicinal, visual, theatrical, historical and symbolic roles

They are also high in vitamins A and C!


 some varieties fertilize their own hidden flowers in the fall with thier own pollen!!! what??)


violets have been found to adapt the character of their growth in response to the qualities of their environment


because of their adaptive qualities they can be found thriving in different climates and habitats worldwide, including woodlands, deserts and marshes

They Bring the Joy!


I identify and celebrate these qualities in those around me

by bestowing them with the title of Violet Femme!