Re-appreciating Vintage Frames

The use and appreciation of antique frames has changed drastically over the last 40 year. In the sixties and seventies, wealthy art collectors would regularly dispose of carved and gilt frames in favor of more modern and streamline profiles. These frames were routinely scooped up by artists and appreciators and eventually turned around into lucrative sales and businesses. If you happen to come across some frames at an estate sale, flea market or thrift store, you needn't have a piece of art in mind to find a suitable use. Here I will show you how to easily turn a frame into a functional household item. 

You can also use this technique to create a hanging grid for jewelry, to hang by the door for your keys, glasses and other items. 

Have you used old frames in other fun ways? Post your ideas in the comments below! Or post and tag us in social media <3 

Window gardening: 
Those of us who are limited to gardening in our apartments often run out of window space way before we have planted till our hearts content. Should you happen to have a frame, or even better a pair of frames, you can utilize the actual window space as an additional area for going your favorite herbs and succulents. 

Materials you'll need:
Empty wood frames
1/2" grid chicken wire can be bought at your local hardware store, home depot, lowe's etc. 
You may want to wear work gloves as the chicken wire can be sharp on edges*
Staple gun
Wire cutters
Large "S"hooks * I use IKEA hooks as they fit directly over the window ledge.
Wire for wrapping containers for hanging
Small S-hooks for hanging pots.

  1. Place the frame face down on a flat and stable surface

  2. Line up the edge of the chicken wire with the back edge of frame.

  3. Staple one staple in center and corners of all sides of frame. *I find that it works easiest to alternate sides as follows:

  4. 1 staple on center of left side then right side. 

  5. 1 staple on center of top side then bottom side

  6. 1 diagonal staple in top left corner then bottom right corner etc.

  7. Then fill in staples along edge making sure that there are no bubbles or waves in chicken wire. Push any bubbles as you staple out to opposite corners. You want it to be as flat as possible. 

  8. Take wire cutters and snip along the edge where staples have been placed.  

  9. Using large hooks, slip one end of hook through top edge of chicken wire and other edge of hook over window ledge. Create hanging pots for window grid:

  10.  If you'd like to use a small bottle for starting plants you can wrap wire around the top of the bottle neck, creating two small loops to hang from small "s" hooks on grid. 

  11. Using salvage tin cans, you can also wrap the wire around top with loops for hanging OR you can place two symmetrical holes at top of can ledge using a nail and hammer. Then you slip the two small s-hooks in the holes and slip the other edge of hook into the chicken wire. 


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