The Revolution Wants You!

Here we find ourselves Violets on Earth day, 2017!

Does the changing of the seasons leave you feeling like you have nothing to wear?

Before you set out to your nearest H&M or Zara to pick up some "cheap" impulse buys, Pleeaase consider the long term, big costs of those purchases to your environment and world because here's some textile truth:  #CHEAPAINTCHEAP

Photo: Jared T. Miller for Newsweek

Photo: Jared T. Miller for Newsweek

In light of recent political events, we Violets must be ever more present in our consumer choices as the new E.P.A. administration begins to repeal environmental safeguards and regulations.  Shopping at big box stores, buying mass produced, poor quality, often unethically sourced, chemically treated and potentially without regard to fair trade practices, not only contributes to the ever growing monster of the landfill, but also hurts small business communities and producers world wide.

These cheaply made, mixed fiber textiles are designed to hold only a temporary place in your wardrobe and they quickly transition to waste through the textile system. This is great for the retailers because they know you'll be lining up to buy more to feed the Fast Fashion junkies.  Let's show them they're wrong! 

If you're thinking to yourself that it's ok for YOU to buy these items, because you are conscientious and will be sure to donate them to a charitable foundation that will reuse them?  Stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army are only able to sell about 20% of the textiles that come through their processing centers and the rest are shipped off to other areas in the world, torn into and sold as rags and then eventually end up in the LANDFILL.

In America alone, we toss 14 million tons (80 lbs per person) each year. 

The EPA (the old one) estimates that to move these textiles into a recycling program would be equal to taking 7.3 million cars and their emissions off the road. 



Being a steward of our planetary resources is a huge tenant of the Violet's Volition mission and driving force of the Re-Appreciation Revolution.  When we realize that buying second hand is not only an investment in an always more unique item than something out of a box store, we are respecting mother nature and all the resources the good earth has provided for us. Make a conscious choice to not be swept away by the constant consumer culture telling you to buy more.

Think for yourself. 

Think for your world. 

Think for the future and then invest accordingly.


This also means learning salvaging skills that allow you to refurbish simple issues with your garments.  Learning to sew buttons, re-stitch open seams, reinstall a hem that is unraveling. 

Violet's Volition will be having tutorials at our up and coming soiree's so don't forget to sign up on our mailing list!



Friends don't let friends buy fast fashion!!!

Please remind your friends of environmentally friendly options and the importance of us taking a stand against fast fashion and waste. 

Cultivate personal style, innovate, recycle and save the world!

 For more astounding statistics and information regarding the detrimental effects of fast fashion read this incredibly informative article in Newsweek by Alan Wicker. 


Also Check out this documentary fast fashion documentary by film maker Andrew Morgan.