Violets Volition featured on The Antiques Diva blog!

It was a big day for Violet's Volition this past Tuesday. 

V.V. made its first blog appearance in none other than the Antiques Diva & Co. blog ! 

Check it out HERE! :)

Miss Diva, (a.k.a. Toma Clark Haines) has created the largest antiques touring company which takes clients all over the world in pursuit of treasured pieces for their homes.  

"For those times when you can’t travel abroad to source antiques in person The Antiques Diva & Co also offers Antique Buying Services for trade professionals such as Interior Designers, Antique Dealers, and Store Owners.  Once you provide us with a list of items you are looking for, we scour our sources, sending you images along with negotiated trade prices.  This service provides busy dealers the opportunity to shop abroad without spending the time or money to go abroad personally." - (

Her infectious personality and passion for her subject matter brings her to captivated audiences all along her travels.  One week in Paris, the next in New York or Las Vegas. It's exciting just watching from the sidelines via her social media posts. 

If you aren't already following her or receiving her newsletter you definitely want to sign up when you check out the Violet's Volition entry.  I love getting the inside scoop of antique and vintage shops from her personal roster.  It feels like a mini treasure filled vacation showing up in my inbox with every post!

Thank you Antiques Diva & Co. for shining your spotlight on V.V. and helping us off to a great start!