From Helena via the Morphologically Site

“I Grew Up In The Interior Of British Columbia With Parents Who, Impassioned By The Spirit Of The Era, Had Left New York City In 1970 To Tune In, Fall Out, And Live Off The Land. They Turned A Barn Into A House And Raised Children Who Played In The Mud, Had Chickens As Friends, And Would Stay Up Late To Catch Fruit Bats With Butterfly Nets. We Ate What Came Out Of The Ground, Watched The Changing Of The Seasons, Followed The Waxing And Waning Of The Moon, And Read The Farmers Almanac Like An Astrological Chart For The Upcoming Year.

 This Passion And Wonder For The Seen, And Unseen Is Still With Me Today. For 20 Years, I Have Loved And Shared Aromatherapy With As Many People As I Can, And Have Never Lost My Reverence For Nature And The Power Of It To Heal, Uplift, And Shift Energy. I Approached Educating Myself About Aromatherapy From An All-In, Experiential And Enthusiastic Standpoint,  The Magnitude Of What Was Possible Unfolding Before Me. During This Time, I Was Completing My Studies As A Holistic Nutritionist, And Working Full Time In A Shop That Sold Only Natural Essences. Along With My Active Meditation Practice, One That Focused On Listening More Than Speaking, Everything Came Together So Synergistically.  One That Focused Over The Next Five Years, I Blended, Studied Organic Chemistry, And Continued To Deepen My Connection With People Through My Understanding Of The Body And Spirit, Then I Packed Up And Came To New York.

 As I Tell People What I Do, I Often Hear Stories Of How They Wished They Had Paid More Attention To A Grandmother Or Parent Who, Well Before Allopathic Medication, Looked To Centuries-Old Practices From The Earth To Heal Themselves. A Flower That, In Tea, Will Help You Sleep; A Plant That, When Applied To The Skin Will Reduce Swelling; Or A Fruit That Will Elevate Mood.

 it’s Universal And In Our DNA; We Are Carbon Molecules And Resonate With The Frequency In Our Surroundings. As We Get Farther Away From This Connection To Nature, The Pendulum Swings Towards Technology, The Daily Commute, Getting Somewhere Vs. Presence, It Has An Effect On Our Overall Well-Being. So Any Role, However Simple I Play In That Movement Of Looking Back, In Helping Others Navigate In The Middle Of Their Busy Lives, Finding Those Necessary Moments Of Connection, Creates Such A Profound Feeling Of Purpose In Me That I Can’t Imagine Doing Anything Else.”