Loving Vintage    

All V.V. items are coming to you previously loved.  I do my absolute best to document in detail anything I find to be notable.  Here's a chart that may be helpful to refer to when knowing what to expect based on my descriptions.

perfect vintage condition

This means that while there may be minimal signs that the garment has been worn, there is nothing that stands out as a defect or problem. 

previously loved vintage

This means that the wear may be somewhat more evident, but if there are any specific issues, they will be noted as such. 

loved to death vintage

You will rarely see this as I usually don't select things that are deserving of this category, BUT, I am reserving this for those special pieces that someone would still love to have and offer TLC to because they are just so darn unique and should be reappreciated irrespective of their lifetime of adventures. 

Return to sender

Store Policy

V.V. aims to please.
I do my best to call out any issues with the condition of each garment.

Please check the measurements and details carefully in the listing.

If you find anything you feel is different than described or explained in the chart above, please bring it to my attention so that I can make things right.  
Please let me know within 7 days of receiving the item if you feel it needs to be returned and refunded. 

Please hook up with us on social media and let friends know you've joined the Re-Appreciation Revolution !!!