“The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks.”- Tennessee Williams

The Flower

Violets grow wild in the smokey mountains where I was born.  Pretty little sweet to eat petals, they are also infamously tough little flowers. Anyone who has ever had them growing in their yard knows that you pretty much cannot get rid of em! This may have something to do with how I came to be known as Violet when I moved to NYC over 13 years ago, as I have been known to be quite stubborn... but in a GOOD way! :)

The flowers come in an unusual variety of hues and styles and they possess a stunning history that spans continents, centuries and mythologies. Violets have played a roll in Persian, Greek and Roman mythologies, the romance of Napoleon and Josephine, legends of the Iroquois and that’s only the beginning.

the meaning and power

Violet is associated with humanitarian movements, freedom, alchemy, joy, justice and mercy and is the highest wavelength of the spectrum and the color of the crown chakra. 

Leonardo da Vinci once wrote that meditation and prayer is ten times more powerful while sitting in the violet light shining through a stained glass window. Violet has also been known to develop imagination and creativity. While composing his operas, Richard Wagner surrounded himself with it.   

In short, this simple little country flower has roots in exotic, romantic and poetic grounds. They are tough and lovely, adventurous, travel widely and these are all qualities I intend to cultivate in myself and my ventures! 



Volition: the faculty or power of using one’s will.


The Choice

This word, in addition to making a snazzy alliteration partner to Violet, aptly nods to the fiery and subversive strength of those little purple flowers.

Determination. Choice. Will to choose better.

We all have the opportunity to shift our universe on a daily basis through our own volition. While it’s true we are not in control of most factors in our environment (or the people we interact with) we do have a *choice* in how we respond to them.

We can choose to consume more consciously, to educate ourselves and practice environmentally sound practices in everyday living.

We can choose to practice empathy, choosing love instead of judgement.

All of these choices change our experience of living.

The best part is we can choose different, better, more fulfilling choices each time we make a choice. My intention for Violet's Volition is to create a reminder for positive choice making in my daily life and hopefully yours too!

Choosing to appreciate something well made that already exists, allows us to opt out of the unsustainable cycle of “fast fashion” and step into the sustainable world of enduring style and good karma and connectivity. 

Together we can make choices that will continuously enliven and enrich our daily living while lessening the strain that continuous mass production puts on our natural resources, people, energy and the landfill.  We can create a new mode of attentive commerce as we pass a smile down the sidewalk.  One interaction to the next, we can spread awareness, joy, connection, meaning and fulfillment. 

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